"I worked with Charlie on an extremely intensive project, and his work was exemplary throughout. I really cannot fault him. If you are looking for a reliably excellent writer who works hard, look no further. I'll definitely be working with him again in the future." 

- Vicky S. | Content and social media executive

"Charlie is a patient editor, a great writer and very easy to work with. He's got the perfect combination of a calm demeanour and a critical eye that makes him a pleasure to work with. His knowledge of tech is encyclopedic and he is always open to new ideas. I highly recommend him as a colleague and will happily work with him again, whenever the opportunity arises."

- Justin R. | Creative Director

    "Charlie Fripp is one of the most reliable and talented writers I've worked with. He makes deadline, his copy is crisp and clear and he has a genuine passion for the subjects he writes about. On top of that, he's a friendly, easy-going soul who not only brings a great atmosphere to the office, he brings out the best in his colleagues."

    - Nick C. | Associate Editor

    "Charlie is a great colleague to work with. He pays great attention to detail on tasks or projects and ensures they are delivered on time and correctly. His overall ability to convey the correct message to the consumer is impressive. His use of words in any written communication or published articles captivates readers. He is also a joy to work with as he makes time to listen and provide value feedback on any topic of conversation."

    - Nathaneal S. | Technical & Strategical Specialist

    "I found Charlie to always be friendly, approachable and professional. His organized and structured approach to work meant he was always reliable to get the job done without unnecessary panic. He's also pretty all-round nice guy. Knowledgeable and fantastic conversationalist."

    - Hamish H. | Digital Marketing Consultant

    "I worked with Charlie for a number of years at Hypertext Media, and found him to be a valuable addition to the writing team. Charlie has a curious mind and a wicked sense of humour, both of which stand him in good stead in any creative endeavour. His passion and enthusiasm for history makes him interesting to talk to and knowledgeable on many topics, too."

    - Deon D. | Content Editor