Google testing option to send lower resolution photos faster via RCS

Google’s Messages application lets you share photos and videos without them otherwise being compressed by mobile networks. The app rolls Rich Communication Services (RCS), SMS, and instant messaging into one, but large files can take some time to send, depending on your network conditions. To speed up the process, Google is rolling out a feature to make photos smaller.

Some users of Google Messages noticed that there is now a “Send photos faster” option in the app’s RCS Chats settings. The text

Samsung is rebranding its own home screen Google Discover competitor

Samsung is seemingly unhappy with how few users browse through its pre-installed news aggregator, and as a result, it’s rebranding the service again — for a third time. The service started out as Samsung Daily but was replaced by Samsung Free in 2020. Later this month, it will be changed to Samsung News.

The change signals the tech giant’s desire to compete directly with rival Google Discover. According to a notice shared by Android Police​​​​​​, the new app will have a few layout changes and c

In the future, Google's "Find my Device" may work even when your phone is off

Google first mentioned a tracking method for lost or stolen phones that aren’t connected to a network in 2022, but that's still quite a bit behind the competition, particularly when compared to Apple's "Find My" network, which can track devices that have been powered down or ran out of battery. In the case of Google's effort, though, it now seems that the feature's development will expand to powered-off Android devices and, according to 91mobiles in partnership with Kuba Wojciechowski, will be c

WhatsApp tests a major UI revamp that brings it closer to its iOS counterpart

Switching between the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp is frustrating, as the app has two distinct layouts. That’s all about to change, as the next Android version moves the navigation bar to the bottom — just like in iOS. The update, which brings WhatsApp to version, is rolling out through the Google Play Beta Program this week. You won't see this change right away as it's currently in development, but it may come to a future version of the app soon.

According to WABetaInfo, users

How to Prevent Windows from Auto Saving Files and Folders to OneDrive

Backing up your essential files and folders is crucial if you want to keep them safe, but it can be a perplexing situation if it happens without your knowledge. This may seem strange, but depending on your Windows settings, Microsoft’s OneDrive could be doing that automatically. In addition, you may find that your desktop’s location has changed from the usual location on your primary hard drive to a dedicated folder in OneDrive. Follow the easy steps outlined in this tutorial to prevent Windows

iCloud phishing email targeting Apple iPhone and Mac users

Getting people to hand over sensitive information is one way cybercriminals rip people off. Sometimes they do this through phishing attacks, and a new campaign targets iPhone and Apple Mac computer users.

Read on to learn how this phishing scheme works and what you can do about it.

iCloud is Apple’s cloud-based storage where you can safely store passwords, files and iPhone backups. It’s designed to be secure from intrusion, but some exceptions exist.

The most effective way to breach an iCloud

Class-action lawsuit over CRT TVs settled for $33M

Most TVs in the ’90s and early ’00s used Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT), which gave them a prominent bulge at the back. But it wasn’t just TVs, as many computer monitors used the same technology. This technology is back in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Read on for details on a class-action lawsuit settlement to determine if you’re owed.

Thankfully, CRT TVs aren’t recalled due to dangerous components or lead paint. While that was a primary ingredient in many toys in the ’80s, there is a class-ac

How to stop Venmo from giving away your spending habits

As with any payment application, you would assume that your transactions are private. However, that isn’t the case with Venmo if you don’t make this change to security settings. As researchers exposed their spending habits, several politicians found this out the hard way.

Read on to see what secrets people discovered thanks to the payment app and how to improve privacy.

Venmo gives away your spending habits

Venmo is an excellent way to quickly send someone money for your portion of the dinner

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday update for March fixes 83 vulnerabilities

Microsoft routinely patches various products and services but usually focuses on the Windows operating system. March’s Patch Tuesday update is no different, and it fixes several flaws that hackers can exploit.

Read on to see what this update entails and how to get it.

February’s Patch Tuesday update fixed three zero-day exploits. While this month’s list includes fewer zero days, the total number of flaws is much higher. The March update corrects 83 vulnerabilities and spans several processes c

Google is incorporating AI into Workspace

There is no denying that artificial intelligence will be incorporated into nearly everything. Since the massive success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, more tech companies are harnessing the power of generative AI. Tap or click here for everything you need to know about ChatGPT.

People use it to create everything from images and writing assignments to songs and presentations. And the technology is only in its infancy. Not to be left behind, Google has launched similar functions for some of its ser

Small drones that don't have to be registered with the FAA in most states

The easiest way to get stunning aerial footage is to send a drone into the sky to record a bird’s-eye view. Whether it’s a golden sunset or gigantic whales swimming just off the coast, a drone can capture scenes that would be impossible for humans.

But drones also pose a serious risk. On a few occasions, drones were spotted near international airports. While it will undoubtedly make for amazing footage, it puts everybody in danger.

6 spooky Amazon Echo skills to help you host a haunting Halloween party

Every year at the end of October, children (and some adults) in the U.S. take to their neighborhood streets for good old-fashioned trick or treating. Halloween is the perfect time to get into the holiday spirit, and many people go to great lengths to dress up for the occasion.

There will also be more than a few parties to celebrate Halloween. Leading up to it, houses get decorated with all sorts of ghoulish and horror-themed items. But to create a similar ambiance inside your home, there are pl

Tired of lousy Google Search results? Try this simple Reddit trick

You probably know how frustrating search engines can be. They often deliver vague answers, especially if you have a specific question. Your result might vary depending on your search engine, but most use Google.

Some tricks can deliver more informative answers, but that usually involves well-known shortcuts or knowing how Google’s Search algorithm works. However, there is a lesser-known way to deliver the goods nearly every time.

Read on to learn how to make your Google search results more inf

Why some Uber drivers worry they're being used as drug mules

Getting around town can be tricky at the best of times. Luckily, a few services are happy to ferry you to your destination. Depending on where you live, Uber might be the undisputed champion.

The company has been so successful that it launched a private delivery service two years ago. Instead of transporting people, Uber Connect offers same-day door-to-door deliveries, just like a regular courier company.

There are strict rules on what you can and can’t ship with the service, but is everyone f

Capital One agrees to $190M settlement for data breach - Are you eligible?

Shivers probably run down your spine when you hear that your bank has been the victim of a data breach. It could put your finances at risk. That happened to Capital One in 2019, when a hacker managed to breach its systems. Tap or click here for a recent data breach that exposed 1.5 million Social Security numbers.

Affecting about 98 million Capital One customers, the attack exposed personal information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, and self-reported income. In addition, the hac

Even if your iPhone dies, it can still do these 3 things

Your mobile phone is a lifeline to many daily activities. It is often the first thing we reach for in the mornings to check social media or pour over the latest news with a cup of coffee. It also keeps us in touch with family and friends.

So, when you forget to charge it overnight, and it dies unceremoniously at lunchtime, you might feel lost or incomplete. Luckily, it doesn’t mean that all the functions are dead. There are a couple of handy features on your iPhone that still work.

Read on to
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