Move over horror movies — scary video games are the most immersive way to celebrate Halloween

Halloween is the most exciting day on the calendar for many people. Putting a lot of effort into dressing up in spooky characters or nightmarish ghouls, thousands roam their neighborhood streets looking for a scare — and, of course, some treats.

In the lead-up to the celebrations and on the night, plenty of people will host a Halloween party with scary movies. While that is effective, video games will give you a more immersive experience. There is nothing quite like controlling the action, only

Farming Simulator 22 Review – Crop It Like It's Hot

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Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) is a simulation game that puts you to work on farmlands in three different regions across the globe. Through modern equipment and tools, you must toil from dawn until dusk to make enough money for further expansion. And when failing crops get you down, you can take up animal husbandry or forestry.

Ask anybody who grew up on a farm, and they will b

Rockstar Games' Latest Purchase Is GREAT For Crackdown Fans

Take-Two Interactive has acquired the studio responsible for developing the last two Crackdown games. It revealed that Ruffian Games will now be rolled into Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games. Ruffian's last game, Crackdown 3, was plagued with development issues and finally launched three years after the initial release date. It got battered by the critics, as it simply couldn’t keep pace with 2010’s Crackdown 2.

Mettlestate to host a two-season Valkyrie Challenge

eSports organisation Mettlestate announced today (14 February 2018) that it will be hosting another Valkyrie Challenge this year - but this time around there will be a slight twist.

While last year's all-girl CS:GO tournament was a one-day, two-team affair, this year's iteration will span two seasons with a prize pool of R50 000 prize pool for each season.

The winner of each season will walk away with R25 000, while second place will get R15 000, and the third placed team will get a cool R10 0

Algeria's signs tops ESL African Championship players

The ESL African Championship, which concluded at rAge last month, was designed to pit the best Hearthstone players and CSGO teams against each other to determine the best African talent.

It was also a platform for rising starts to come to the fore, and in the case of Hearthstone players Exia (OverGame) and Saliom, it meant signing contracts with ESL African Championship's third-place winners

In a statement by the team's manager Marko Pavuna, said that it was without

Olympic Committee: eSports "could be considered" an actual sport

The International Olympic Committee has been mulling the idea for some time that esports could eventually be included in the Olympic Games at some point.

Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee told the South China Morning Post that while he is open to the idea of including esports, it has to be on a non-violent level.

But over the weekend it seemed that more members are opening up to the inclusion of competitive video games.

In an official memo from the 6th Olympic Summ

Lauren 'Pansy' Scott and Jason 'Moses' O'Toole to cast at ESL African Championship

Kwesé Gamer and ESL Africa are proud to announce that international esports casters Lauren 'Pansy' Scott and Jason 'Moses' O'Toole will be attending the annual rAge expo for the ESL African Championship final.

The ESL African Championship finals, to be held from 6 - 8 October, will see the top two North African teams face off against the best two South African teams.

The entire spectacle will be streamed live on the Kwesé Gamer Facebook page and ESL Africa's Twitch channel.

Scott and O'Toole

Algeria's Limitless first team to qualify for ESL African Championship finals

Algeria's Limitless first team to qualify for ESL African Championship finals

The annual rAge exhibition is South Africa's biggest video gaming event, so it is incredibly fitting that Kwesé Gamer and ESL will host the grand finals of the ESL African Championship at the event.

After open qualifiers in July to determine the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams in North and South Africa, the top eight teams battled it out week by week in the group stages.

But while there are still six mat

Limitless pummels Tunisia With Love in North African group stages

It might have been the second CS:GO game of the night, but all eyes were fixed on the matchup between Limitless and Tunisia With Love (TWL) in the first group stage games for the ESL Africa Championship.

Taking the match with a score of 2-0, Limitless completely dominated the Train and Inferno maps. For the Train map, Limitless ended the round with a score of 16:5. Gaining more steam, it completed the Inferno map with a score of 16:2.

Amateur SA esports teams get a shot at professional tournament

How many times have you watched esports and thought 'oh, why did he do that?" or "I would have been able to make that shot"?

Well, now is the time to prove that your amateur Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team can keep up with professional side.

Matrix Warehouse together with South African esports organisation Mettlestate, yesterday announced a new esports tournament specifically designed to give amateur teams a taste of what it's like to play (and be treated) like professionals.

The Matrix

ESL African Championship group stage finals to be held over two days

After consultation with players, team managers and crew involved in the group stages of the ESL African Championship, a decision was made to move certain around, most importantly the group stage finals. The group stage finals were previously moved to 1 July from 7 July, but it has subsequently come to light that 1st July clashes with other esports events in South Africa over that weekend. The group stage finals will now take place over two days: Saturday 15 July and Sunday 16 July. The last matc

Farming Simulator 17 Review | Amoozing

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If you were a fan of Diablo’s cow level, boy do we have some good news for you

Guest Reviewer: Charlie Fripp

What is it? An open-world simulator that allows you to run your own farm (either on the outskirts of a small American town or in Russia’s countryside) through harvesting crops or farming with pigs, cows or sheep. It is entirely up to you how you want to run your

Ghost Recon Wildlands Interview: A chat with Ubisoft's Tom Isaksen

Since its first big reveal at E3 two years ago, Ghost Recon Wildlands has banked its appeal on being a truly open-ended shooter.

While most games in this genre shove players into a corridor, giving them only one way of progressing, Wildlands offers players myriad choices in how they go about their death-dealing. Wildlands aims to deliver an open-world, free-for-all experience where players need to take on the bad guys in Bolivia; you and three friends can tackle missions with all-out customisation.

Almost 35 000 people and 124 exhibitors attended rAge this year

Ask any South African gamer, and they will be hard-pressed to find a bigger event in the local gaming calendar than the annual rAge expo. It is a three-day long celebration of all things gaming, from sneak peeks of international titles, to some really cool games developed in our own back yard.

Every year the exhibition has increased – not only in the number of titles on show or floor space – but also in the amount of people that it attracts.