About Me

Writing concisely can be tough, and technology is confusing. That’s why I have spent 16 years sharpening my skills in turning marketing jargon into easy-to-read, useful information for online publications that everybody can understand.

I have worked with numerous international publishers spanning all aspects of consumer technology and made a reputation for myself as a fast, accurate and highly professional freelance writer.

Where most people cower in fear over deadlines, they are no match for me. I understand the importance of getting projects from my computer onto a front page as quickly as possible, and use several methods to maintain productivity.

I specialize in news articles, but also work on projects that require buyer guides, features, product reviews and research. My primary writing focus is consumer technology such as mobile phones, household gadgets and video games, but I’ve also written about musical instruments, outdoor gadgets and aviation equipment.

I currently work remotely from Portugal, which is in an ideal time zone to cover European and North American trends in a timely manner.