IRS reports significant increase in texting scams - Here's what to look for

The most critical things scammers are after are your personal information and money. How they get to it varies. Tap or click here for the scams seniors fall for most and how to spot them.

Thieves are getting much better at spoofing companies and government agencies, hoping to rip you off. These dangerous phishing attacks are on the rise.

Keep reading to find out how thieves are now impersonating the IRS with tricky text messages and a few ways to protect against them.

Cybercriminals often imp

Twitter warns of a password incident that could impact your account

It’s always a good idea to change your passwords often. With security breaches happening constantly and personal details being put up for sale on the Dark Web, it’s one of the ways you can keep your information safe. Scam alert: five most costly data breaches (plus five states most targeted).

Your social media details are precious to hackers, which is why some sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, use two-factor authentication. But if you recently reset your Twitter password, there’s a problem.

3 tricky scams targeting seniors and how to avoid them

There are so many scams to worry about. It’s like a digital minefield online. But one group of people appears to be more targeted than others. Seniors.

The FBI recently put out a report highlighting the staggering number of scams targeting seniors. We’ll tell you a few viral scams and ways to outsmart them. Please share this article with the seniors in your life so they can stay safe. Tap or click here for five useful apps every senior should download.

Read on for details on the most common sc

Scam alert: This tech support scam takes an “adult” twist

You can browse the internet in whichever way you want. As long as it’s within the law, there are no restrictions on where you go or what you look at. But that does come with associated dangers as not all websites are family-friendly and virus-free. Tap or click here for details on the Dark Web and what you’ll find there.

The deeper you go into the internet’s underbelly, the greater your chances of picking up something nasty on your device. The Dark Web isn’t the only way to run into malware. Cl

How to stop Microsoft and Google spell check from invading your privacy

Nobody wants to make a spelling error when typing an important email. Grammarly is a free tool that can help. Tap or click here to find out how to use this helpful tool. Google’s Chrome browser and Microsoft’s Edge also have spell checkers to ensure your writing is flawless.

But while they can be convenient, they pose a privacy risk. Security researchers discovered that some browser’s spell check tools send personally identifying information (PII) to Big Tech companies.

Read on to see how brow

Microsoft Patch Tuesday September 2022 - Critical update fixes 63 flaws

Every computer user should mark the second Tuesday of every month on their calendar. If you don’t know why it’s because most software developers push out critical updates to various apps and operating systems.

While these can sometimes include new features and graphical overhauls, it generally plugs security vulnerabilities and flaws that hackers can exploit. September is essential if you have a Windows-based computer, as Microsoft patched 63 flaws with its latest release.

Read on to see what

Google Safe Browsing protects devices from dangerous sites and files

Browsing the internet can sometimes seem like the Wild West. Many hidden dangers are lurking around every corner, and you must be armed to fight them off. But no gunslinger can do that alone and often needs the help of a sidekick to combat malware and malicious links.

Keeping your operating system up to date and ensuring you have sufficient antivirus protection is a good start. However, web browsers and developers sometimes step in to secure your details and safeguard your devices.

Read on for

iPhone update: App privacy report, pick who gets access to your data when you die

Apple started to roll out the latest iOS update this week, which adds a few tweaks. In what will probably be the last update for the year, it covers a few important aspects of privacy and security.

The previous iOS update (iOS 15.1) added SharePlay, the ability to capture ProRes video using iPhone 13 Pro and screen sharing for FaceTime.

It also included a feature that most iOS users wanted, the ability to store a COVID-19 vaccination card in Apple Wallet.

This time around though, the update is more focused on privacy. Read on for what you’ll get in the latest release.

Facebook account hacked? Here's how to get it back

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Even though Facebook has a shady past, it’s one of the most popular globally. Tap or click here for the 10-second Facebook security setting you need to change right now.

Many people even use Facebook to log in to other online services. Instead of remembering credentials for games and other popular sites, just log in through Facebook. But that comes with severe risks.

With so many things linked to your account, what happens if you get locked out of Facebook? Well, the unfortunate scenario is that you’ll automatically also be denied access to the associated apps or services. Read on to find out what to do if your Facebook account has been hacked or you’re locked out.

Major ISP and cable company breached - And you'll never believe how

If you are a customer of Cox Communications, your data may have been exposed. The company revealed that it suffered a security breach, and customer data was compromised.

Cox Communications provides customers with cable TV, internet and home phone service. It is the third-largest cable television provider in the country, with around 3 million customers.

If the breach impacted you, you should receive a letter from Cox notifying you through snail mail. In the meantime, read on for details on the breach and ways to protect your data.
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