6 spooky Amazon Echo skills to help you host a haunting Halloween party

Every year at the end of October, children (and some adults) in the U.S. take to their neighborhood streets for good old-fashioned trick-or-treating. Halloween is the perfect time to get into the holiday spirit, and many people go to great lengths to dress up for the occasion.

There will also be more than a few parties to celebrate Halloween. Leading up to it, houses get decorated with all sorts of ghoulish and horror-themed items. But to create a similar ambiance inside your home, there are pl

iRobot's new models are so smart they clean your dirtiest rooms first

It takes the guesswork out of where to start

Keeping your house clean is a laborious process, even on a good day. You might have a pep in your step and be full of determination when planning your day, but that can quickly fade when you take a look around and realize that you don’t know where to start. Well, that’s where an excellent robot vacuum comes in.

These little gadgets zoom around your house, sucking up dust and debris as they go along. However, they are not all made equal. While some b

Move over horror movies — scary video games are the most immersive way to celebrate Halloween

Best Halloween video games for the 2023 season

Halloween is the most exciting day on the calendar for many people. Putting a lot of effort into dressing up in famous video game characters or nightmarish ghouls, thousands roam their neighborhood streets looking for a scare — and, of course, some treats.

In the lead-up to the celebrations and on the night, plenty of people will host a Halloween party with scary movies. While that is effective, video games will give you a more immersive experienc

Here are the best deals of Wayfair's Labor Day Clearance

If you need outdoor furniture or home decor, this is the sale for you

It’s a well-known shopping hack that if you want seasonal items at a steep discount, it's best to buy them when the seasons are about to change. Retailers are desperate to shift stock items that once were hot tickets, but have cooled as new trends and flavors usher us into different weather.

So if you are planning to deck out your backyard with some new chairs or want to spruce up a neglected room in your home, here are some

Laptop or Chromebook: Which is better for college?

If you favor either low maintenance or power, it’s a tough choice

Going back to school is challenging in its own right, but you shouldn’t have to face technological frustration on top of it. Having everything you need to complete your college tasks is crucial to your success, and there is no better device than a trusted laptop. But between the low maintenance of a Chromebook and the power of a traditional laptop, it’s easily overwhelming when you must decide which is better.

A Chromebook is al

How do Sony wireless headphones compare to other top brands?

Sony is the oldest Japanese company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, appearing on the trading floor in 1970. But a decade before that, the company’s co-founder Akio Morita established Sony Corporation of America and slowly entered U.S. homes through the then-new technology of portable transistor radios.

The early ’70s were most Americans’ introduction to Sony’s audio devices. Over the following years, its popularity climbed through products like the hugely successful Walkman (the world's

Why are Le Creuset pots so popular?

Where it all began

Le Creuset is known globally for its high-quality cookware, but the journey into your kitchen started almost a century ago. Founded by Armand De Saegher and Octave Aubec in the small French town of Fresnoy-le-Grand in 1925, its first French oven pot started a cooking revolution.

The name translates to “The Crucible,” a nod to the equipment used in the foundry when metals are melted at very high temperatures. As word spread about the cast-iron accessories, it wasn’t long befo

Samsung launches Freestyle Gen 2 with gaming hub

The hugely popular projector now plays as hard as you do

A traditional TV you use in your living room is a great addition to your entertainment arsenal, but they aren’t easy to move around. However, that’s what makes Samsung’s The Freestyle projector a winner. The lightweight yet powerful beaming device is easy to set up and works indoors and outdoors. But the best part? Samsung just released The Freestyle's second generation, including a gaming hub.

Shop this article: Samsung The Freestyle Ge

8 school supply kits that make back-to-school shopping easy

A new school year is stressful but shopping for it shouldn’t be

The long summer break is a great time for kids to get their minds off the coming school year. But whether they stayed home or went to summer camp, there comes a time when you must start to plan ahead.

While they might be more concerned about a new wardrobe, parents know that they won’t pass the new year with just a bright smile. They’re going to need supplies, and it might seem like a daunting task if you don’t know where to start

How to choose the best laptop case for you

Which laptop case is best?

More people are working from home or remotely than ever. Since you can’t carry your desktop computer with you, the chances are excellent that you get your job done on a laptop. But just as with mobile devices, you need to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged.

There are several laptop backpacks that can easily accommodate 23-inch devices and accessories, but they tend to be heavy and cumbersome. A more elegant, lightweight solution is to protect your laptop with a sleek

Which JBL soundbar should I buy?

The technology in smart TVs has improved tremendously over the last five years, but they often lack one crucial element. The TV’s display might use the best organic light-emitting diode components, but the sound quality doesn’t match.

Unless you buy the largest television available, the chances are good that the built-in speakers can’t accurately produce the needed audio. This can leave you frustrated with your purchase, but there are ways to improve the sound quality. You could go the whole ni

The 25 best Amazon Prime Day deals on our favorite -tested products

There's no better time to score a discount on a product that's truly worth it

Prime Day is coming down the home stretch, and Amazon saved its best deals for Day Two. At BestReviews, we've been tracking the event's fastest movers and deepest discounts, and we couldn't help but notice a variety of products we've tested first-hand. The BestReviews Testing Lab has hands-on experience with countless items, from electronics to toys and appliances.

We've rounded up the top deals on products we've tri

Here are all the Prime Day Dyson deals

Use the future to work for you today — while saving cash

From fans with no blades to hairdryers that have a giant hole in the middle, Dyson has no shortage of household and beauty gadgets that look as if they are straight from a sci-fi film. But there is nothing mysterious or otherworldly about its products — they are used daily by thousands of people.

So, if you have ever wondered how these gadgets work, now is the perfect time to get your hands on some of them. There is no shortage in the se

Here are 10 of the steepest deals of Prime Day

Act fast if you want to score these deals at amazing prices

Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale is in full swing, and if you decided to sleep in on this discount day, you might have missed a few spectacular opportunities. That item on your wishlist might be long gone, but there are tons of other products that are equally exciting.

The typical discount on any given gadget or item is usually 10% to 25%, which is still a good deal. However, if you know where to look (and get your timing right), you ca

Tackle your summer reading goals with the newest Kindle models

Have thousands of books in your pocket for reading on the go

Lazy summer days are best spent beside the pool under an umbrella with an ice-cold beverage and a book. You could take a few books with you, but that would be impractical as they can get wet and are relatively heavy to carry around. The best solution is to get a Kindle from Amazon, which is waterproof, a convenient size and, best of all, can store thousands of electronic copies of your favorite reading material.

The first Kindle from

What is VPN on iPhone?

Getting started with a VPN on iPhone

Your internet service provider routes your Wi-Fi internet connection at home through its multiple systems to ensure you can browse, watch videos and stream content. But often, your ISP can recall records of your online activity. Similarly, your mobile phone’s network carrier can track which websites you visit.

Not only that, but if you connect to public Wi-Fi at a school, library or coffee shop, hackers can intercept the signal. Tunneling their way through

Goodbye, McMansions: ‘Simple-Sizing’ is the latest trend for home buyers

Americans are making choices to simplify their lives

Through the centuries, there have been many ways that society projects wealth and status onto fellow citizens. Along with elaborate jewelry and the latest vehicle, the pinnacle of wealth is often the size of your house. But many Americans now see that as more cumbersome than a status symbol. According to a recent report by Open Door, “simple-sizing” is gaining traction. "Simple-sizing" is where people actively seek things that make their live

Gadgets to help you stay cool in a hot office

Get ahead of the heat by preparing your desk for a scorching summer

As global temperatures seem to fluctuate wildly over the last few seasons, it’s difficult to predict what this summer will be like. However, all indications point toward a scorching hot season, and you’ll need all the help you can get to stay cool.

But don’t think people who work in an office with air conditioning are immune to the sweltering heat. Generally, the building’s aircon is remotely controlled or one system spans sev

Smart leak detectors and other gadgets to keep your home safe from damage

By all accounts, your home should be a safe space where you can relax and raise your children without any life-threatening dangers. But unfortunately, that isn’t usually the case. Your home might seem safe, but many things can risk your health or damage your house.

For example, carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that can make you pass out. To prevent tragedy from occurring, technology is there to help, especially when it comes to detecting invisible threats.

Shop this article: Yo

9 budget camera stabilizers for stunning, steady shots

Mobile phones give anybody the ability to quickly capture what is going on around them, but there is no guarantee that the footage will be in focus, blur-free or in the case of videos, without shaking or erratic movements.

If there are some visual imperfections, it’s usually not that big of a deal. Nobody expects holiday snaps or family get-togethers to be award-winning. However, if you do want to win awards for your stunning footage, you must make sure that the recording device remains as stea
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