Camp out with your favorite tunes with these great headphones

Which headphones are best for camping ?

Getting back to nature can be an amazing way to de-stress. Spending time in the forests of a national park or hiking the Midwestern plains can make you forget about your worries as you take in the sights. While some prefer to wake up with the call of the mountain chickadee, others center themselves through music. It might seem counterproductive to listen to created sounds rather than nature’s own, but the two go surprisingly well together. If you have the

The 8 best waterproof phone cases

What are the best waterproof phone cases?

Snorkeling is a popular pastime for many when they get to the coast. There's something magical about floating on the surface to watch all the marine activity below you. Most aquatic critters don’t seem to mind their human observers.

But as we all know, water and technology don’t mix. There are plenty of videos on YouTube where people drop their phones into the ocean, lost forever to the tides. So if you want to show those back on dry land what you foun

Tools your gadget-loving dad doesn’t have yet

There is no substitute for having the right tools on hand

For household tasks, few things are more frustrating than not having the correct tools. Accidents usually happen when you try to do something with a gadget unsuitable for the job, such as using a knife as a screwdriver or a piece of wood for a hammer. Not only is it incredibly dangerous, but you can also damage the object you are using as a makeshift tool.

Tools are the gift that keeps on giving

The right tool for the job doesn’t need

The best Tina Turner merch to commemorate her incredible life

Turner’s life and career have left an indelible mark on the global entertainment industry

It’s incredibly difficult to describe Tina Turner’s illustrious musical career as anything but “simply the best.” Delivering countless hits, walking away with 12 Grammys from 25 nominations, including three Grammy Hall of Fame Awards and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Turner passed away today at 83.

Born Anna Mae Bullock in 1939, Turner quickly rose to musical prominence as the lead singer in the Ik

Best vacuums to shop during Memorial Day sales

To keep dust at bay, a good vacuum should never be far away

Keeping a home clean and tidy can be challenging, especially if external factors work against you. You might have the best intentions, but a sudden dust storm, nearby construction or kids playing around the house can all contribute to tiny particles settling on your floors, furniture and decorations. If you don’t take care of it regularly, after a while, dust will accumulate, making it tougher to clean and much worse for those with all

Top tech gifts for high school grads off to college

Have all the tools you need to get ahead with your studies

Though the experience is different for everyone, high school should be some of the best times of your life. There are limited responsibilities, endless days hanging out with friends over the summer and plenty of exciting things to do and learn. But it can’t stay that way, and if a loved one is lucky enough, a time will come when they need to go to college.

It’s a big step, regardless of age, and things can get overwhelming quickly. For

Amazon's huge 'Gaming Week' promotion starts today

Get all the games and accessories that you have been holding out for this week

Video games are a perfect hobby to blow off some steam or transport yourself to a magical world of myths and legends. But unfortunately, it’s not as affordable for many as it used to be. That’s why occasions such as Amazon’s Gaming Week are a welcome sight for many, as you can pick up gaming laptops or other accessories at their cheapest on this side of Amazon's Prime Day.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect oppo

What is a refractor telescope?

It's easy to look at different telescopes and assume that they all work in the same way. While that is partly true, the mechanics on the inside is what matters the most.

For example, it is almost impossible to tell a refractor telescope from a reflector telescope by simply looking at the tube, yet the two kinds of telescopes use different components to bring the night sky into view.

How a refractor is different from other telescopes

Typically, there are three types of telescopes that budding

Yes, Aura Digital Picture Frames are worth the hype

Bring your home decor into the future with these easy-to-use digital picture frames

Photography using traditional film and developing the negatives onto special paper is somewhat of a lost art. But as with most things in the highly-connected era, there comes a time when the physical switches to the digital. While most people use smartphones to take photos, those images don’t go beyond the device and social media. However, Aura digital picture frames make it incredibly easy to showcase your crea

Video: DJI Mini2 vs. DJI Mini 3 Drones

Which drone will give you more bang for your buck?

There are many drones to choose from, but few brands are as popular as DJI. The company has made a name for itself as the undisputed leader in drone technology since the launch of the highly successful Phantom in 2013. With unmanned aerial vehicles as the primary focus, DJI has a gadget for almost any purpose, whether it capturing spectacular 4K footage or just flying around your neighborhood. Two of the smallest drones on its stable are DJI Mi

Do item-tracking devices live up to the hype?

Small gadgets let you know when your belongings are on the move

Misplacing an object is highly frustrating. You usually go digging in between the couch, underneath the bed or behind a cupboard, hoping to catch a glimpse of the magically disappearing remote, keys or wallet. There isn’t much you can do until you find it through sheer persistence — unless you attach an object tracker to it. Paired with a mobile phone, object trackers will save you countless wasted hours by directing you exactly to

Which dog house is best for patios?

How to choose a dog house for your patio

Your dog might occasionally be allowed in the house, but when it gets time to tuck in for the night or a gentle afternoon nap, your dog needs its own space. Most people might think that any dog house is the same as the next, but there are several kinds — all with different comfort levels and amenities. It's important to consider a few different things before you choose a dog house for your patio to ensure it's the best option for your dog.

What to consi

What is the best Celero 5G phone case?

Which phone case is best for the Celero 5G?

Mobile phones are incredibly valuable, whether you have the latest Apple phone or are using a family handout. Although the prices of these devices vary wildly, it’s not the financial cost that makes them valuable but the information stored on them.

If you treasure countless memories, family videos and numerous contact details, you’ll ensure that your phone is protected with a case. For added protection against scratches on the glass, you should go fo

Best Dell gaming desktop

When desktop computers became commercially available to the masses in the '80s, there were just a few models to choose from and little chance of making upgrades. However, over time, the cases, motherboards and towers shifted toward a more do-it-yourself design.

That resulted in a robust market where users built their own computers at home, buying the individual components they preferred. But not everyone has the technical knowledge, time or budget to do so. In that case, a pre-built computer is

How to use FluentPet buttons

How do you use FluentPet buttons?

You can spend hundreds of hours training your pets with treats, gestures, clickers or dog-training whistles. It's usually a one-way conversation, though, where the owner initiates a command and the pet executes it.

But a new system for pet training has been making waves on social media. Owners share videos of their clever dogs pushing interactive buttons to communicate through one-word audio clips. It's a great way to give your pet a voice, and FluentPet is on

Best microphone windscreen and pop filter

Which microphone windscreen and pop filter is best?

Recording audio in any environment is challenging, as there can’t be any disturbances that affect the quality or resonance. Even in professional recording studios, some gadgets will ensure the sound is captured exactly as intended. In most cases, this will be a simple pop filter.

However, outside the studio, there are many factors to consider, such as wind. The easiest way to preserve the integrity of the audio is to cover the microphone with

AirTags are everywhere: What to know and advice on buying

These tiny trackers let you know exactly where your things are

Apple and Android owners have similar functions on their mobile phones that let them track a device when it goes missing or stolen. Apple’s Find My feature and Google’s Find My Device app are both great for locating tablets and other phones, but what about your keys, luggage or pet?

That’s where object trackers come in. The New York Police Department has even urged vehicle owners to fit these on their cars to aid in vehicle recover

9 compact Chromebooks that are great for working on the go

When you shut the front door behind you and head to work, the last thing you want to contend with is a heavy laptop. Sure, there are laptop backpacks that take the strain off your back and shoulders, but it’s often easier to use a smaller, lighter laptop.

There are many Windows-based and Apple models, but over the last few years, Chromebooks have become increasingly popular. The term is a catch-all phrase for any device that uses Google’s Chrome operating system, including laptops, tablets and

Which Acer laptop is best for gaming?

Playing video games is a favorite pastime for many after a long day at work or school. There are thousands of titles to choose from, spanning multiple genres and types. The most common method for relaxing in front of a display is with a video game console from Microsoft or Sony or a traditional desktop gaming computer.

But some players don’t want to be restricted to their lounge or entertainment room. They want to engross themselves in a fantasy world wherever they are, and the only way to do t

10 TVs with high-end specs and budget prices

It’s a great feeling to sit in front of a giant TV to watch a critical game in your favorite team’s season. Better yet is seeing every tiny detail in the latest Hollywood blockbuster with the audio turned up high.

But most TVs that produce stunning visual quality and theater-like audio aren’t exactly cheap. You can expect to pay well over $4,000 for the latest model with all the key features while measuring almost 6 feet from edge to edge.

However, that doesn’t need to be the case. Several TVs
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