Best Styrofoam cooler

Which Styrofoam cooler is best?

No day at the beach or next to the pool is complete if you don’t have a trusty cooler to keep your drinks or snacks chilled. But traditional hard-sided coolers are bulky and can often be very heavy. Then there is the issue of washing them out properly before use every time as well as finding a storage spot that’s large enough.

However, a simple solution is to use a cooler made from polystyrene foam. While it’s lightweight and inexpensive, it has excellent insula

Best wireless computer monitor

Which wireless computer monitor is best?

There are tons of TVs and PC monitors to choose from with wide-ranging features such as high dynamic range playback, high resolutions and high refresh rates. The vast majority of them require a wired connection, usually using an HDMI cable. But there are some situations, such as business conference rooms, that make it inconvenient or impossible to use a cable.

For those cases, consider a reliable, feature-packed wireless monitor. The Samsung M80B is the

Sonos Port vs. Sonos Connect

Which streaming device is better, Sonos Port or Sonos Amp?

People have used music for millennia to convey messages, ideas and feelings. As technology developed over the last century, we started to bring music into our homes.

It wasn’t until a few decades ago that we could do so without wires, cables or cords. Not everything is wireless, though, which is where Sonos is merging the traditional with the cutting edge.

Sonos Port is an amazing device in your home if you subscribe to music streamin

Epson projector vs. Nebula projector

Which projector is better, Epson or Nebula?

While watching movies or TV shows is usually a solo activity, sometimes you want to share the excitement, shock and heartache with friends and family. Huddling around a laptop or small TV simply won't do, and the best option is to hang up a large fabric sheet or projection screen, grab some extra chairs and watch the riveting action through a projector.

But just as with TVs and big-screen displays, there are options, with Epson and Nebula both popula

Best UV protection lens filter

Which UV protection lens filter is best?

Digital cameras are usually expensive, and you should do everything you can to protect them. But some people think that only refers to protecting the camera's body from water and dust while keeping lenses clean. You need to do those things, but there's another unseen element that can damage your equipment.

Film and digital cameras are susceptible to the sun's ultraviolet light. Of course, that isn't a good thing, and a UV protection lens filter is one o

10 earbuds that will block out everyday noise

Sitting down to do some work, it can be challenging to focus when there are people talking around you or someone is using landscaping equipment to maintain a yard. You can’t always remove yourself from those scenarios, but you can reduce the intensity of the noise you hear.

The best way to do that is with an excellent pair of noise-canceling earbuds or headphones. The internal technology is designed to remove ambient sounds, letting you work without auditory distractions.

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What to consider when buying an air hockey table for home use

Air hockey is easy to get into, but if you want to become the undisputed champion in your neighborhood, there are a few things you must know.

If you have lightning-quick reflexes and a powerful pushing arm, you’ll crush your opponents in no time. But don’t worry about not having the slapping power of Wayne Gretzky or the goalie abilities of Martin Brodeur. The most significant thing to remember is that it’s not always about winning or losing. First and foremost, you must have fun.

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Everything you need to set up an ergonomic office space

Although working from home was an option for many businesses before the global pandemic, it was through the extended lockdowns and isolation periods that it really gained traction in the general workforce.

But not everybody has a home that’s set up for working remotely. It has become far more commonplace to leave the office behind and instead carve out a quiet space in your house for all the paperwork. However, you’ll struggle to get anything done on time if you aren’t comfortable, so it’s impo

Best monitor cover

Which monitor cover is best?

It’s easy to look at a monitor but not truly see it. For example, when working on your computer, you look at the display and the on-screen details but hardly ever notice the bezel or the stand. Most of your vision and attention is focused on what is directly in front, and you probably don’t see the thin layer of dust gathering on top.

Unless you clean your monitor every other day, a monitor cover is the best way to prevent dirt buildup or dust accumulation. Hugely

What is magnet fishing?

There are plenty of ways to go fishing. It is one of the oldest methods of bringing a meal ashore, from standing on the shore with a 10-foot rod to wading in calm waters while whipping a fly fishing rod back and forth.

But one type of fishing has become more popular over the last few years: magnet fishing. However, there is a big difference between catching fish and magnet fishing. There is only one rule: If you manage to hook and reel in a scaled aquatic creature, you’re doing it wrong.


9 indoor cat homes your feline friends will love

Cats have been roaming in the wild for millennia, but the most recent evidence indicates their domestication happened about 10,000 years ago. There is still some debate about whether felines are truly domesticated, but for now, cats enjoy being around humans.

The common belief is that cats started congregating around grain storage in the Middle East as the full silos attracted rodents. A unique relationship formed from that point, and today there are around 40 distinct breeds. While some still

10 automatic pet feeders to use while you're on vacation

An automatic pet feeder is an excellent tool to keep your pet fed and hydrated, but there is a caveat. It should never be a long-term solution when you aren’t home. At most, you can use an automatic feeder for about three days.

However, when planning to get away for a weekend, an automatic feeder ensures that your pets have enough food and water. Most of them are great for dry food, such as kibble and snacks, but only a few are suitable for wet food.

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Best phone grip

Which phone grip is best?

There are several ways to protect your phone from water damage or cracking the screen from a fall. Most of the time, it could probably be prevented if you had a better grip on your gadget. But not everybody has lightning-fast reflexes and so could use a bit of help.

That's where a phone grip comes in. Through a strong adhesive, it sticks to the back of your device and gives you a handle of sorts. It dramatically reduces the chances of your phone slipping out of your g

How to host your own paint-and-sip night

Paint-and-sip nights have exploded in popularity since 2007, when a New Orleans facility opened where people could sip their favorite drinks while painting. Even though you can now find a paint-and-sip venue in almost every town, you can easily host your own. You’ll only need a few things to get the creativity flowing, and you can host a painting party as often as you like.

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7 drones with stunning 4K cameras

Drones have been used for decades to take a closer look at the earth for scientific studies and by international militaries to spy on targets. But while this was mainly for covert operations, commercial drones have allowed everyday people to fly around their own backyards.

The cameras on early models only gave you a slight glimpse into what your surroundings looked like, but as technology advanced, so did the gadgets inside drones. Their high-powered 4K resolution lenses now record vivid footag

Which Bluetooth speaker is the loudest?

Everybody knows that when you throw a party, you must have several speakers to keep the beat going. While there are different kinds of wired speakers, the best for mobility are ones that use Bluetooth technology.

This makes it easy to move around to ensure the entire area can hear things clearly. However, not just any Bluetooth speaker will do. It needs to be powerful enough compared to the room or outdoor area’s size. If you’re planning the ultimate party, get one of the loudest Bluetooth spea

10 pairs of comfortable and cozy wool slippers

In colder climates, there are a few essential items you must have to stay warm. For the outdoors, a thick jacket, gloves and some snow-proof boots are necessary if you live in the North. As for the indoors, you should avoid walking around in stocking feet because that can cause your socks to go threadbare faster. Instead, get a pair of comfortable and cozy wool slippers.

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What is a snow scooter, and how do they compare to sleds?

When the snow is packed enough for some downhill action, there are a few modes of exhilarating transport. Skis are an obvious choice, or you might prefer to carve some powder on a snowboard. But those can be complicated for beginners or daunting for people who aren’t that stable on their feet. The higher your center of gravity, the greater your chances of toppling over.

The best way to get as low as possible is with a snow scooter or a trusty sled. A few differences can determine the best tool

How do foam snow sleds compare to plastic sleds?

When the first signs of snowfall appear, many people get excited about hitting the slopes with skis or a snowboard. But it can take years of practice to be confident enough to shred some powder.

The next best (and arguably safer) thing is to enjoy your time speeding down a hill on a sled. Many Americans have fond memories of their first sled, and there are several designs to choose from. The most common starting point is a foam sled before upgrading to a plastic version. But how do the two kind

Which laptop is best for competitive gaming?

Competitive gaming has been around since the dawn of the first video games, but it has undergone several significant changes in the last three decades. Before the internet or network capabilities, players competed for the highest score, trying to beat others with their fast fingers.

However, the internet and advances in computer components open the door for gamers to compete directly against each other. One of the first titles to allow this was "Neverwinter Nights," ushering in the massively mu
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